Cynthia made the dress for my wedding and I couldn't have been more happy with the final product! I wanted a unique dress that really represented me on my big day but I'll admit that while I knew I wanted something special I had only a vague idea of the design of the dress. At first I was a tad hesitant about hiring an independent designer, instead of just going to a boutique and getting a ready made dress, but Cynthia put all my fears to rest in the first 10 minutes. Cynthia really impressed me with her ability to distill my fashion taste and style after only a brief conversation. The dress design she proposed had a simple elegance to it and it perfectly complimented my personality and my figure. Cynthia realized before I did that a romantic style dress would really suit me. I absolutely love all the subtle romantic details she incorporated into the dress, like a lace neckline, open back and buttons running along the backside of the dress. If truth be told, Cynthia's design for me encapsulated everything I didn't know I wanted in a dress!

Cynthia was a pleasure to work with during the dress making process as well. She was very open to feedback during the dress fittings and addressed all my concerns as they arose. As the dress evolved from a mere idea I had more and more little suggestions. I even changed my mind about certain elements of the design that seemed beautiful on paper but were less flattering in reality. Cynthia was very patient and kind during this adjustment process. She made the dress making process a discussion and my satisfaction with it was the most important thing. I really enjoyed the creative process of seeing the dress of my dreams take shape over a period of a few weeks. From the initial personalized design to the intimate fitting sessions, making the wedding dress was one of the most memorable experiences of my wedding and Cynthia played a major part in it. If you are interested in a special one of a kind wedding dress that really represents you than I highly recommend contacting Cynthia. She will make your dream dress a reality!!

- Irene Lecker, Client

Zoba made my wedding dress while I was miles away in a different province and it still fit like a glove. I love how she worked with my budget and never said no to any request I made. Even when I asked for a detachable train! I’m so glad I chose her to make my wedding gown! It came out perfect and all of my wedding guests including the groom ;) were in awe of my dress the whole night. Thanks Zoba! 

- Dupe, Bride


- Adaobi Okonkwo, Client


"Having a mother who worked as a professional seamstress, and being used to having all my clothes and gowns made to fit like a glove, it's very rare that I allow anyone else to sew for me. However, when I met Cynthia and saw the amount of detail and class applied to her work, I had no doubt in her ability to deliver something that I can proudly wear and show my mother. I actually said to my mom 'I think I finally found someone other than you that can make me some clothes and give you a break' [we laughed]. I was right. I must say apart from her skill Cynthia is a fresh soul and I love her clothes and her joyful spirit that comes through in her smile and laugh. Great clothes and service! Looking forward to more."

- Pearl Ayimah, Designer & Owner, PrincePearl Handbags & Accessories


"I approached Cynthia, wanting a custom made outfit to wear to a friend's traditional wedding. At the time, I was familiar with her designs, but was a first time client. From the beginning, Cynthia was extremely accommodating. She patiently bounced off ideas with me, ensuring I felt included in the process and was confident in the design. She also offered to shop the fabric on my behalf. Not to mention the late fittings we had due to my work schedule. Overall, the experience was fun and stress free. The end product was beautiful, but more importantly made me feel beautiful. It's this quality work, and Cynthia's attentive care for her clients, that has me recommending her to everyone I know!"

- Samantha Nshuti, Client