Frequently Asked questions


What is next after an appointment is booked?  

 I am located in Toronto, ON. (Yonge and Finch). Your first appointment is free. If you would like a custom design, come with your ideas (pictures, sketches e.t.c.) and together will create a design.  When a design is agreed-upon, we will take measurements and if you have a preferred fabric, feel free to bring it along.

Are there any fittings?

 I am located in Toronto Ontario and if you are as well, you are in luck as I typically assign 2 fittings to each client and a final fitting/pick up. If you are not in Toronto, do not worry at all, all you have to do is send your measurements in details and general industry size (XS,S,M,L,XL,XXL etc) and we can work form there.  I am also available to text, chat, video and phone calls to make the process easier, but one fitting at least is recommended for custom made orders.

What is your price range for custom made outfits? 

Starting price of custom made outfit is $250 CAD depending on the style. 

Wedding dresses start at $800 CAD

What is your turn around time?

Already made items can be shipped 3  business days from when you pace your order.For custom made items, once you place your order, you can expect the items to be shipped out in 3-4 weeks as all products are made to order. 

Who provides the fabric?

I do have a lot of beautiful fabrics in stock which you can pick from but if you have a preferred fabric, let me know and accommodations can definitely be made. 

What sizes do you carry?

All sizes

How does payment work?

50% is required to begin the process and the balance will be paid on the final fitting/pick up.