Zoba Martin Bridal Couture Collection 2019

Grace. Power. Confidence. The modern woman exemplifies the intersection between timeless elegance, delicate grace, and uncompromising boldness. On the most significant and important day of her life – her wedding day – a bride’s dress should speak to her bravery, her beauty, and her unique and powerful presence as a one-of-a-kind woman.

The pieces found in the Zoba Martin Couture Bridal Collection accomplish that bold balance, perfectly capturing what it means to be both strong and delicate, both daring and elegant, both powerful and timeless -- namely, what it means to be a complicated modern woman. Browse our selection below to find your perfect piece.




A timeless classic with a modern twist. This bridal piece accentuates the bride’s feminine qualities with delicate beaded lace and features a pooling hemline to keep the eyes focused on the star of the show.



IMG_5558 (1).jpg

 A stunning bridal dress that exudes glamour and luxury for the modern bride. A sweeping hemline accentuated with lace details leads to a plume of delicate floral accents at the neckline, making for a thrilling yet beautiful bridal piece.



A stylish lace halter-neck style dress that leads to layers and layers of soft, delicate tulle, this piece teases the eye with its interesting and complex layering, ultimately leading the attention to the blushing bride’s glowing face. 

so queen


A stunning and elegant bridal gown with a daring slit, this dress exudes confidence and ease with crepe, lace and chiffon details and an interrupted border of individually hand-stitched flowers along the hem, slit and neckline.




As bold as it is beautiful, this dress challenges the notion of the traditional wedding dress with a stunning blush chiffon and tulle plume effortlessly accented by two slits on either side and an open-back style. 



IMG_5396 (1).jpg

 This dress finds the balance between timeless tradition and modern confidence with a sweeping sateen skirt that billows along the floor juxtaposed against an interesting take on a long-sleeved bridal gown, complete with floral lace detailing.



A babydoll bridal dress that lets the gams take center stage. A full skirt meets lace at the waist, accentuating the bride’s feminine curves, leading up to exciting floral detailing that delicately plays along the bride’s collarbone. 




Countless layers of soft tulle boldly alternating between white and soft mauve make this a bridal piece for the bold and empowered woman. Designed to stun the crowd and make a statement.

Mod Shade

A bold and daring choice for the empowered, modern bride. This asymmetrical halter-neck piece features an open back with strappy details, a mid-length slit in the back and an exciting ruffle of tulle layers to one side.



It’s your wedding. Rock it how you want to. This exhilarating choice laughs in the face of what tradition demands of a bride on her big day with an uber stylish and ultra modern take that exudes beauty, confidence and boldness.